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Ozomax 3-in-1 ELDA Balsam Steamer Vaporizer (Blue, White)


  • Large facial attachment with smooth edges for facial sauna
  • Smooth edges of nose and mouth attachment for general steam inhalation
  • Specially designed attachment for focused steam useful for kids and elderly, auto low water cut off
3 Different Attachments Especially for Nose and Throat Treatment For Treatment of Cold, Bronchitis, Laryngitis, Hay Fever, Arthritis, Asthma. Helps to Relieve the Discomforts of Nasal Congestion, Catarrh Cold and Throat Irritations, Ideal as a facial steamer too.
Suitable For
  • Personal, Professional
  • Respiratory/Healthcare Treatment
To Be Used With
  • Vaporizer Pads, Oils, Normal Tap Water will Generate more Steam then RO Water
  • Steam Inhalator, Facial Sauna


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Ozomax 3-in-1 ELDA Balsam Steamer Vaporizer (Blue, White)



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