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Eco Protect Skin Antiseptic Wipes Pack Of 40 Wipes


SPECIFICATION: 10 Large Bath Wipes in each pack, Size – (24 X 30cm).





  • HYGENIC BATHING ALTERNATIVE FOR BEDRIDDEN PATIENTS: Bath Wipes from Dignifi are ideal for people who have difficulty while bathing due to injury or illness. It is effective at cleansing skin when bathing isn’t an option or when there is less water. It keeps your skin clean, fresh, Safe & hygienic ANTI BACTERIAL: Its antibacterial property offers long-lasting germ protection and preventing bacterial contamination in cuts and wounds
  • LEAVES SKIN MOISTURISED: These bath wipes contain Aloe Vera, Olive Oil & Vitamin E to keep the bath wipes pre-moistened. These natural ingredients provide chemical-free moisturizing PRODUCT¬†
  • SAFER AND HYGIENIC BODY CLEANSING: Disposable Bathing and Refreshing Wipes from ECO Bath which lift away impurities gently, quickly and effectively from the skin. These disposable wipes are a safer and hygienic alternative for bathing while being bedridden or need special assistance. It is the ideal product for no-rinse body bathing
  • ALCOHOL-FREE & ANTISEPTIC WIPES: The Bathing Wipes contain no alcohol which reduces the risk of skin irritation. It contains Vitamin E, Olive Oil extracts and fragrance. These wipes disinfectant and antiseptic that protects the skin from infections. The Olive Oil extracts & Vitamin E keep the wipes soft against the skin and moisturizes the skin gently. The fragrance makes the user feel relaxed and fresh
  • TIME-SAVING: Save your time by using ECO bath towelettes Bathing and Refreshing Wipes for a quick shower, while showering a person with limited mobility. And in addition to all above, these wipes are easily disposable and perfect when you are on the go
  • PILLOW PACK: ECO bath towelettes bring you disposable Bathing and Refreshing Wipes in pillow packaging ensures re-sealing after every pull, thus, keeping the moisture and fragrance intact till the Last wipe


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Eco Protect Skin Antiseptic Wipes Pack Of 40 Wipes



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